The Problem With Donald Trump

In case you just woke up from a coma that lasted these past 3 months, you should know that the United States of America elected the man known as Donald Trump as their president. Yes, that Donald Trump. Personally, I’m never going to be okay with writing him as “President” Donald Trump, only as Donald Trump, forever.

In this post, I’m not going to write about the fuckery that is this man, or the stupid policies that he’s introduced so far. But let’s talk one of his potentially seeping traits, that is his tendency of being a dictator.

Donald Trump, the Dictator. Is it too much to say that he’s a dictator? He was elected in a democratically built government, the self-entitled champions of democracy, after all. But earlier signs have already shown a few dictatorial traits in his decisions, and the way he governs.

First, is his rejection towards any negative reviews about himself and his policies. Pay attention to any news about him these days, he himself denies any reports of negativity towards himself, and brands it as “fake news.” Anything that does not benefit himself, as something that is “unfair.”  And after being rebuked immediately about his false claims, he calls the information as “being given to him.” And this should alarm you, to the very least, because in a democracy, and the United States who should be a champion of it, the media and news play an important role in asserting that the government is accountable, and not merely accepting good reviews about himself. Labelling any negative reviews as fake news is a mere act of cowardice to be held accountable, and shows number one trait of a dictator. When the leader sets the standard of truth by himself and does not accept any other, it’s a problem.

Second, is his choice for a cabinet of secretaries, ambassadors, and judges. Donald Trump’s picks are the ones that have already benefitted him or already promising to only follow his own vision. His picks are those that have conducted businesses with him, donors to his presidential campaign, and political friends. Almost none of his picks are anyone of purely based on skills and reputation. If you don’t believe me, look at his picks. His Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a person who’s never lived in urban housing. His pick for Secretary of Education never went to a public school and wants to defund them and privatize them. His Secretary of EPA has said in the past that the agency should be disbanded. All of them have given donors to his campaign, or friends in politics. So much about promising to drain that swamp he promised, he’s practically filling his own.

Third, is how his conflict of interests is showing directly into his skin. Donald Trump uses his own private property for government purposes, and shamelessly promotes it during in his office. Look up the news where Donald Trump invited the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe to his own privately owned commercial property and conducts the United States diplomatic business in his restaurant’s dining room. The dining room was full of people that paid much money for executive memberships to his resort. Donald Trump doesn’t think that his presidency is a public servant’s job, he thinks it’s a reality show that he himself can make lots of profit from, an international reality show. And look up his defence about his daughter’s brand of clothing and his limitless list of potential conflict of interests. A conflict of interest isn’t just an excuse. A conflict of interest is defined when a public official can potentially benefit from a decision, and it is influenced by the many factors that can benefit himself. Donald Trump gets money from inviting diplomats into his resorts. That’s a definite conflict of interest. And it doesn’t seem that it’s going to stop.

The list would go on and on. Donald Trump doesn’t think his job as a service to the public, nor a business. It’s a reality show to him, and he’s intent on running it as much as he wants it to go.

So, in summary. Donald Trump is president. He rejects negative reviews himself. He picks people who benefit himself. He gains personal wealth from being president. He’s a thin-skinned coward who thinks only of himself and personal image. And day by day, I still can’t believe he was elected as president.



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